Variances in battery manufacturing

by Dahl Automation GmbH

  • 4/29/2021
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Solution description


At the customer, an international manufacturer of energy storage systems, a process in lead-acid battery production was automated. Before the battery is filled with acid, cone-shaped funnels, the degassing bottles, are inserted into the openings at the top. When filling the battery with acid, these prevent the escaping gases from spreading uncontrollably in the room and enable the gases to be extracted. The process is carried out four million times a year at present by workers.

The challenge

A robot automation with rigid programming was not an option because the position of the openings vary slightly from battery to battery. With classical vision systems, the desired cycle time could not be achieved due to the given calculation times.

The process solution

The process was implemented using an UR robot with Schunk gripper. The additional MIRAI robot controller from Micropsi takes over the insertion of the degassing bottles and can respond to the given variances after a pre-positioning with the rigid programming. Since the system responds to its environment in real time, there are no calculation times, which made it possible to keep to the cycle time. A HEX-E force torque sensor from OnRobot was used to implement MIRAI.

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Application processes

  • Fixing, press-fitting (assembly)
  • Assembling, mounting, inserting


  • Energy storage (high-voltage batteries)

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    Universal Robots

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