LEWA MachiningLine - TURNKEY metal cutting for powertrain components in e-mobility

by LEWA Attendorn GmbH

  • 5/6/2021
  • Verified

Solution description

The customer's challenge:

Design, concept development, and implementation of a highly automated production solution for mechanical processing (milling & drilling) of battery housing components made of die-cast aluminum

The process solution:

LEWA MachiningLine mainly consisting of:

  • Superior multilingual cell control based on SIMATIC STEP 7 (TIA Portal) including a SQL database structure and interfaces (traceability) as well as hardware and software-side VPN connectivity
  • Timed accumulation conveyor belts for feeding raw parts and removing finished parts with coded workpiece carriers
  • 6-axis industrial robot with 2-way handling gripper installed on a linear-track
  • SPC and NOK component discharge
  • DMC laser station including reading system (validation, traceability)
  • Central media supply for electrics and pneumatics
  • Machine fencing with redundantly secured service door
  • 5-axis vertical high-performance machining centers with corresponding peripheral components:
  • Swivel/rotary axes
  • Central chip disposal and cooling lubricant supply (optionally also in autonomous design)
  • Emulsion/oil mist extraction
  • Tool monitoring and wear checks (via the load-bearing through the spindle)
  • Autonomous hydraulic media supply for clamping devices
  • Hydraulic clamping devices including air pressure monitoring (air sensors)

The benefits for the client:

LEWA MachiningLine is characterized by the following benefits:

  • Cost-optimized and well-established system that has been used multiple times in series production (24/7)
  • TCO oriented
  • Low labor/manpower requirements
  • Maximum flexibility and, thanks to an intelligent control concept and user-friendly fixture & gripper technology, can be quickly upgraded to other derivatives (KISS principle)
  • Scales according to the required production capacity
  • Designed for several production life cycles and thus also for the possible "re-use" case
  • Increased system availability/redundancy through high-performance machining centers with their own peripherals (stand-alone operation possible)
  • Minimal space requirement

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Installed products & components

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Application processes

  • Other application processes
  • Drilling, hemming
  • Load- & unloading of machine tools


  • Motor vehicles, motor vehicle engines and bodies (automotive)

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