Placing bags into & palletizing packages

by RAGNER Automation AS

  • 6/15/2021

Solution description

Thus far, the tubular bags of different sizes with pork offal were packed by hand into two-part boxes and then stacked on pallets manufally by employees. This work has been very monotonous and ergonomically demanding for the operators. Moreover, there were losses in the quality of the packaging. Ultimately, as a two-part box is expensive, the process had to be optimized.

RAGNER Automation analyzed the entire process, starting from the cardboard packaging through to the storage of the pallets in the cold store. In close cooperation and coordination with the end customer Danish Crown, a highly efficient complete packaging line has been planned, designed, and successfully installed.

With this investment, the customer can now benefit from:

  • significantly increased throughput,
  • highest availability,
  • Packaging savings,
  • stable quality, and
  • more occupational safety.

Images of the application(s)

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Application processes

  • Picking, packaging, and placing


  • Food products, beverages & tobacco products

Installed robot brands