LEWA SpeedLine - fully automated manufacturing designed from standardized process-modules

by LEWA Attendorn GmbH

  • 5/20/2021
  • Verified

Solution description

The challenge:

Concept & design of a production system for the manufacturing of two steel-/aluminum-based rear floor derivatives including a planned, time-shifted volume increase.

The affected processes:

  • Punch riveting (68 pieces/product group)
  • Dispensing of glue including visual inspection (number of lines, complete length)
  • Handling of custom piece carrier

Our solution:

  • Design of a highly automated production line from standardized SpeedLine production modules
  • Decoupling of operator and machine cycle for higher availability
  • Variable fixture and gripper technology including automated set-up process
  • Joining using punch riveting technology
  • Automated glue application (dispensing) with subsequent monitoring based on industrial image processing
  • Part identification and documentation saved as production data
  • Stacking of the assemblies in the special load carriers

The client's core benefits:

SpeedLine out-of-the-box production modules provide a variety of benefits:

  • Cost-optimized modules that are successfully used >100 times in serial production
  • Highest flexibility and upgradeable to other product types by custom tool technology
  • Scalable to the required capacities (from ramp-up through peaks to product phase-out)
  • Mobile and can be relocated very quickly within the company
  • Designed for several product life cycles and thus idea for any "ReUse"-cases

Images of the application(s)

Installed products & components

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Application processes

  • Measurement, inspecting, testing
  • Screw mounting, riveting, punching
  • Dispensing: Application of adhesive & sealing material
  • Spot welding, projection welding, seam welding


  • Motor vehicles, motor vehicle engines and bodies (automotive)

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