Fully automated body-in-white manufacturing line in the light-weight sector by LEWA

by LEWA Attendorn GmbH

  • 5/25/2021

Solution description

The challenge:

Concept development of a production system for the rear part of a hybrid super-sports car with the highest quality expectations at low production volume

Application processes:

  • Self-pierce riveting (350 times per body)
  • MIG-welding (total length of 2.480 mm)
  • Camera-based riveting of blind rivet bolts (48 times per body)
  • Dispensing of adhesive including camera-based visual inspection (total length of 8.100 mm)
  • Application of sealant (total length of 7.650 mm)
  • All processes are designed for multiple product life-cycles - hence designed for any given „reuse“

The integrated solution:

  • Installation of a highly automated production line from single, standardized production modules
  • Minimal use of tools and applications thanks to "Part to the Tool" use
  • Variable fixture and gripper technology including an automated setup process for an additional derivative
  • Punch riveting technology based on servomotors with automatic tool changers
  • Automated application of adhesive and sealant with subsequent visual inspection using industrial image processing
  • Camera-guided riveting of of blind rivet bolts
  • Automated part identification and documentation of production data
  • Conveying of the assemblies in the special load carrier

The core benefits for the client:

  • Cost-optimized modules that start working immediately after delivery thanks to the inhouse testing at LEWA
  • Maximum flexibility and upgradability to other product geometries thanks to the installed tooling technology
  • Modular design provides mobility and therefore empowers internal or group-wide relocations very quickly
  • The “reuse” case was taken into account when developing the entire installation
  • Highly automated solution for consistently high quality as well as productivity

Images of the application(s)

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Application processes

  • Screw mounting, riveting, punching
  • Measurement, inspecting, testing
  • Dispensing: Application of adhesive & sealing material
  • Arc welding


  • Motor vehicles, motor vehicle engines and bodies (automotive)

Installed robot brands