Bin Picking – Double station

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  • 7/12/2021

Solution description

The customer's challenge:

The picking of (varying) components from different containers had to be optimized by an automation solution.

The solution:

A Yaskawa robot was integrated into a production cell and combined with a vision system from Pick-It. The station is supplied with the component containers via two loading bays. The vision system automatically detects the component position, its orientation, and the filling level of the boxes. Thanks to the flexible gripping system, different types of components can be picked precisely without the cell having to be retooled. The components are automatically checked for details as well as errors and are separated accordingly. The component reversal is also implemented automatically to ensure that it is properly fed into the system.

Thanks to this automated level control and detection of the component orientation, this setup-free production cell provides the basis for a reliable picking process. In addition, the individually tailored removal gripper with its ideal geometry guarantees a high degree of emptying at the shortest possible process times.

The essential added value for the operator

  • Double equipping
    Two loading bays for double productivity, even with different components!
  • Automated recognition
    The orientation of the components and the level of the containers are automatically recognized and monitored.
  • No tool changes
    Equipping the robot? Not with us! No loss of time, even with different components.
  • Component inspection
    Each component is checked for individual deatils and automatically separated in the event of errors.
  • Automated turning
    Are the components upside down in the container? No problem! The respective station recognizes this and turns the components automatically and independently of the robot

Images of the application(s)

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Application processes

  • Picking, packaging, and placing
  • Load- & unloading of machine tools


  • Automotive interior (e.g. car seats, belts, airbags)

Installed robot brands