Robot welding system with 4-station turntable

by DALEX Schweißmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

  • 5/11/2021
  • Verified

Solution description

The operator equips both left and right sides of the part fixture on the 4-station turntable with the individual parts of the product. These are clamped/fixed by pneumatic power clamps and magnetic grippers. The turntable rotates by 90 ° and positions the loaded fixtures in the working area of ​​the first welding robot.

The welding robot is equipped with a spot welding gun as well as a dosing unit (glue application). While the single parts are fixed in the component holders they are now swiveled apart by a pneumatic movement in order to provide access to the adhesive application. The adhesive is applied to the components with the robot-controlled dosing unit.

Next, the single parts are swiveled towards each other again by the pneumatic movement and finally connected with the robot-guided spot welding gun.

The turntable rotates by 90 ° and positions the loaded fixtures in the working area of ​​the second welding robot. The remaining welding spots are applied here with the help of a robot-guided spot welding gun.

The turntable rotates again by 90 ° and positions the components into the working area of ​​the handling robot. The robot is carrying a customized gripper and removes the welded components from the fixture. The completed products are transferred to the C-module welding station. Round weld nuts are fed through a setting head and welded onto the components accordingly.

The robot moves the components in the camera station, which carries out geometric tests of the component. The joint parts are then placed into the marking station with the help of the handling robot. A consecutive number is imprinted to each part.

Finally, the components are placed on the discharge conveyor belt and conveyed out of the system.

Images of the application(s)

Installed products & components

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Application processes

  • Dispensing: Application of adhesive & sealing material
  • Spot welding, projection welding, seam welding


  • Automotive interior (e.g. car seats, belts, airbags)

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