Automated assembly of flat ribbon cables in automotive manufacturing

by Glaub Automation & Engineering GmbH

  • 4/13/2021
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Solution description

Previous process & Objective of the client

With the introduction of a new product, a new production line with semi and fully automated processing stations should be created. At the Tier1 automotive supplier, a touch display system is installed and then tested. The customer's task was to automate the assembly, precissely, the plugging of several flax ribbon cables from the display into the control unit.

The challenge for the client

The challenge was that the flat ribbon cables generally have different starting positions due to their flexibility. Therefore, with static, rigit programming of the robot, it was not possible to achieve an identical gripping position in order to connect the cables precisely in the next step.

The new process solution

As a feasibility study, the project was implemented with a Universal Robot UR3e, with a Robotiq two-finger gripper, and the additional MIRAI control. With two cameras attached to the robot arm, the AI-based control can compensate for the different starting positions prior to gripping the cables. Moreover, it can also adjust according to the gripping positions on the cable when it proceeds with plugging the cable. A torque sensor from OnRobot was used to teach in the MIRAI control.

Images of the application(s)

Installed products & components

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Application processes

  • Assembling, mounting, inserting


  • Electrical/electronics (automotive)

Installed robot brands

    Universal Robots

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