Next Level - placement with GL-THTeasy

by Glaub Automation & Engineering GmbH

  • 7/21/2021

Solution description

Throughout the automated manufacturing processes of product assembly, the through-hole-technology (THT production) is one of the last labor-intensive "bastions of manual labor". THT components are wire components that are mostly inserted manually by hand. Their "wire legs" are pushed through holes in a circuit board and thus placed for soldering.

The assembly of printed circuit boards with THT components using conventional assembly machines is very complex and requires high change-efforts with every product adjustment. Glaub Automation & Engineering offers a smart automation solution for this:

Process-compatible, an ABB YuMi, places components on the circuit boards. With each arm, the robot places parts within a few seconds and thus also operates short-cycle production lines.

Equipped with additional cameras, the Glaub robot cell "GL-THTeasy" becomes a "cautious colleague", who not only places components with pinpoint accuracy, but also reliably performs tasks in the area of quality inspection. Only fully equipped circuit boards are released for the next work step and, depending on the requirements of the system and production peripherals, are also reported to the control system as "OK-processed".

The special features of this integrative software development:

  • Automated localization of the component blister as well as finding and removing the THT components guided by an on-board camera.

  • Angular positions as well as different orientation of the parts at the vacuum gripper are countervailed.

  • Positional tolerances of the circuit boards within the as well as varying positions of the workpiece carrier on the transport and conveyor technology are corrected.

  • There are varying shapes and filling levels of the blisters - process adjustments are integrated without additional teach-in.

  • The precise repetitive positioning of the parts is not required.

  • Comparison of the respective part dimensions (e.g. actual "leg distances") with the real dimensions of the placement positions ("hole spacings") for self-optimization of the assembly through "live measurement" of the components and the circuit boards.

"Cautious" and communicative

In the THT circuit board assembly segment, this development has the potential to automate various existing manual assembly workstations, relieve numerous employees of strenuous, monotonous work, and thus become a real milestone.

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Application processes

  • Assembling, mounting, inserting
  • Picking, packaging, and placing


  • Electronic components/devices

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