Manufacturing of thick-walled safety control cabinets on a highly automated production line

by LEWA Attendorn GmbH

  • 6/23/2021
  • Verified

Solution description

The challenge for the client:

The client is producing thick-walled safety control cabinets in diverse variances. Moreover, there are very high requirements in regards to the welding lines and the geometrical precision for the integration of powertrain and control components.

Application processes:

  • Mechanical processing of the sidewall components
  • MIG-welding (total length of up to 12.480 mm)
  • Grinding of the welding lines to allow the proper painting

Our tailored solution:

  • Installation of a highly automated production line
  • Engineering and realization of a CNC-based fixture for highest flexibility regarding the product geometries and details
  • Variable fixture and gripping design & technology including the tool changes for a different derivative
  • Fully automated production process: From initial handling of the single parts throughout the fixing and complete welding of the components up to the grinding and painting of the welding lines in one cell. The final parts are placed to the successive conveyor system.

The client’s benefit:

  • Highest flexibility for different geometries, measures, and types of products
  • Highly automated process solution at consistent and reliable product quality and production productivity
  • Multiple ergonomically challenging manual tasks were optimized thanks to the automation technology; including transportation of high-payloads

Images of the application(s)

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Application processes

  • Mechanical processing (sawing, grinding, deburring, polishing)
  • Arc welding
  • Drilling, hemming
  • Load- & unloading of machine tools


  • Metal products (non-automotive & except machinery and equipment)

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