Copalletizer. Automatic palletising based on Collaborative Robots.

by Inser Robótica S.A.

  • 6/8/2021

Solution description

The most versatile, productive cobot palletizing option.

Inser Robótica provides a variety of standard collaborative palletizing cells. The applications provide various benefits similar to a product, as the cells are highly distinct from our usual custom-designed palletizing solutions.

We have enhanced all the benefits that incorporating this type of robot entails: Taking both its portability and user-friendliness to the next level. However, we have not stopped there, the cell we offer is the easiest to configure and the one with the highest real productivity.

Plus, its benefits apply to both multinational companies that already know about the benefits of process automation, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises that need a technologically advanced option at an affordable price.

The challenge for the customer:

At the end of the manufacturing line, packages had to be picked and placed onto a pallet. The stacked packages reach far beyond the reach of any available cobot.

The solution:

A cobot from Universal Robots is integrated into one of the standard modular palletizing applications and placed aside from the conveyor belt and in between two loading stations for the pallet. This empowers continuous production despite changing the pallets.

By default, the cell of Inser Robótica includes a motorized lifting column, that easily enhances the reach of the robot. This empowers the rather small cobot to stack packages up to 2.200 mm.

Key benefits of the cell:

  • Certified safety
  • Modularity & portability
  • Advanced programming assistant
  • Standard modules customized to individual requirements
  • Leasing & pay per use-options available
  • Selectable robot brand
  • Leasing & pay-per-use (RaaS) services available

Images of the application(s)

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Integratred IoT services

  • Device & system connetivity

Application processes

  • Palletizing (handling operations)


  • Chemical Products, Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics

Installed robot brands

    Universal Robots