Automation process solution with EligoShake & DOBOT M1 at Tratter Engineering Srl

by Variobotic GmbH

  • 5/4/2021
  • Verified

Solution description

The challenge

Formerly, Tratter Engineering Srl had to manually operate two machines for inserting membrane layer sheets into non-return valves. After stacking the membranes into magazines, the sheets are inserted into the valves to prevent the return of fluids. The valves are installed in cars for measuring the flow rate of turbocharger in cars.

Loading the machine required a cycle of one second per membrane. Since this cycle time is not feasible for operators and the prefabricated membrane would cause additional logistics costs, this process should be automated as a whole.

The solution

The company has been using an EligoShake system in combination with a DOBOT M1 since 2020 to separate the membrane leaflets for further processing. The flexible component separator VarioShaker 270 is used in this particular case, which separates the membrane leaflets reliably. Next, the membrane leaflets are identified by the EligoPart image processing system from attentra GmbH and picked precisely by the robust DOBOT M1 industrial robot. The part separator, image processing solution, and the SCARA robot together form a flexible and reliable automation solution for the continuous separation of bulk goods.

The manufacturing solution produces around 70,000 good parts per day. Theis solution not only saves important capacities and resources in the company. At the same time, it increases productivity: Due to the elimination of manual assembly steps, the processing machine no longer needs to be shut down frequently.

As the process is now more fluid, the system can be operated while changing the magazines in the parallel. As a result, production has gained much more flexibility and productivity, which takes place in the smallest of spaces. Automation expert Marian Tratter is also enthusiastic about the solution:

"Since this is our first experience with a SCARA robot and at the same time in combination with both a high-resolution camera and the VarioShaker, I am amazed that this application could be implemented and efficiently designed in such a slim space".

Benefits of the solution at Tratter Engineering Srl:

  • Automation of redundant manual processes
  • Processing of approx. 70.000 parts per day (cycle time 1 second / membrane)
  • There are no additional storage costs (warehousing)
  • Increased productivity and uptime, since the processing machine does not need to be shut down
  • High(er) flexibility in production
  • Robust and inexpensive individual components that offer a flexible, reliable and compact overall solution for flexible part separation

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Application processes

  • Palletizing (handling operations)
  • Picking, packaging, and placing


  • Automotive interior (e.g. car seats, belts, airbags)

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