Automated EOL Test Turbo Charger

by HAHN Automation GmbH

  • 2/19/2021

Solution description

System for automatic testing of turbo chargers

“Downsizing” for combustion engines increased demands on the turbocharger as an essential element in the automotive industry. As a result, turbocharger manufacturers face an increased intensity when it comes to quality inspections.

Objective of this project:

Develop a cold gas test stand for exhaust turbochargers integrated into the automatic production line.

Short description:

In this cold gas test, the combustion engine is simulated, and the quality of the turbocharger is assessed by critical characteristics. The test should be fully-automated and integrated in the assembly line.

Images of the application(s)

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Application processes

  • Measurement, inspecting, testing


  • Motor vehicles, motor vehicle engines and bodies (automotive)

Installed robot brands

    Mitsubishi Robotics