Robot-based welding cell with mikro-welding-gun

by DALEX Schweißmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

  • 4/26/2021
  • Verified

Solution description

The challenge of the customer:

The cycle time and the production volume of the welding process for joining insulation maths to exhaust gas systems should be increased.

The system solution:

A complete robot welding system with a micro-welding gun and rotary indexing table.

The worker inserts the part of the exhaust system, the insulating half-shells, and the associated maths into the workpiece carrier, which is installed on the rotary indexing table.

In parallel to the loading of the component carrier, the robot (KUKA brand) welds the components together on the opposite side of the rotary indexing table. The components are connected by means of a micro-welding gun and via butt joints as well as via spot welding points.

The main benefits:

Both the cycle time and the throughput of the system could be optimized due to the slim cell design.

Images of the application(s)

Installed products & components

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Application processes

  • Spot welding, projection welding, seam welding


  • Automotive interior (e.g. car seats, belts, airbags)

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