by Kontron AIS GmbH

  • 7/7/2021

Solution description


When setting up “Project Cockpit”, it was very important to RAMPF to create a high level of customer recognition. Thus far, Kontron AIS developed a large number of new branding functionalities for the Equipment Cloud®, including individualization through titles, images and logos, colors, fonts, a self-registration, and a management function for new users, data protection regulations, e-mail templates and feedback as well as domain redirection. Customers could log on to the new customer portal independently and RAMPF employees could assign users to the respective projects and hierarchies.

Dealing with the customer portal should be intuitive for colleagues as well as for customers and designed according to the current way of working. This added challenges to the project, as the role concept and the visibilities are based on the hierarchy structure and represent the central navigation of the solution. To this end, the rights management was gradually expanded and all those assigned to the project were involved right from the start in order to understand who has to access which information, at what time, and to what extent. Since RAMPF wanted to transfer both new projects and existing projects to the customer portal and already had extensive documentation in the form of Excel forms, HTML files and documents in countless formats with precise assignment to the customers on drives and the existing portal solution, migration and data integration represented further important milestones. This was realized by means of available interfaces (Restful APIs) for automated and rolling data integration and the extension of the documentation app (eDocs) to support HTML Files. In addition, important performance improvements were implemented through system updates of the underlying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


Document management (eDocs), master data management (EquipmentHub) including journal, and the OpenIssues app for orchestrating open tasks have already replaced a large number of existing Excel sheets and bundled them in one place - the customer portal. Communication with end customers has improved considerably as a result. The availability of information and important documentation was now possible at any time and anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Workflows app, which can be used for process optimization and milestone planning of projects with integrated digital checklists, all internal and external parties involved are always up to date, tasks can be assigned and processed step by step. A dashboard with dynamic widgets also improves the user-friendliness of the customer portal. Changes to documents, open tasks or direct links to master data and upcoming appointments of the over 1.000 integrated instances are visible at one glance. Automatic notifications by e-mail by subscribing or assigning responsibilities to colleagues enable the project managers (commissioning engineers or technicians) to always stay up to date and to take action when necessary. Stefan Huber, head of project management and initiator of the “Project Cockpit” at RAMPF, sees the EquipmentCloud® as an all-round tool and has set himself the medium-term goal of handling 99% of project communication via the cloud solution. The high level of acceptance among colleagues due to the gradual roll-out and testing of new applications was given right from the start. The entire team benefits from cross-functional time savings and increased efficiency through the customer portal.

In addition, with the web-based customer portal, end customers receive a central contact point that can be reached flexibly and without barriers via various mobile devices. With Kontron AIS as a system partner and the EquipmentCloud® as a platform, the basis for digital customer service has been created.

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