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GO2automation is a B2B (Business to Business) portal that digitally matches companies & system solutions from the mechanical and plant engineering sector together. Specifically, at GO2automation you will find all the specialists who are required for the holistic processing of queries for production optimization. You will find the right contact person for your manufacturing requirements at GO2automation, from consulting companies and component manufacturers to system integrators.
GO2automation establishes an ecosystem of different industrial companies from mechanical and plant engineering that complement each other in the range of services. In short: You will find all the experts, specialists, and technologies that are necessary for holistic production automation on GO2automation. Each company brings its own core competence for production technology. Manufacturing companies thus access a portfolio of validated application examples and experts. Hence, GO2automation drastically simplifys and accelerates access to the optimization of production systems. Fast, uncomplicated, and, at the same time, efficient order placement enable both industrial companies and solution providers to record rapid successes.
First of all, every company can use free access to GO2automation for any number of users. All you have to do is register - the first user creates a company, further registrations are automatically assigned based on the email domain. Registration gives users full access to the ecosystem. This includes extensive access to the global solution and expert database, an individualized news feed, and various functions for digital collaboration. System integrators present their successful automation solutions, consulting firms their references on their own company profiles. Technology experts present products & technologies, reference them in the application examples, and award their business partners. This is giving participants in the ecosystem intuitive and effective access to business partners, automation solutions, and collaboration functions.
That depends entirely on your value proposition that you bring to GO2automation. You produce in your own plants? Then at GO2automation you will find the technically ideal and validated automation specialists who can optimize your systems according to your requirements. You are a system integrator? Then you get additional visibility of your company profile, win new business partners, and new project inquiries. You offer automation components such as robots, grippers, camera systems, etc., then use GO2automation as a tool for international partner management, to present your products in application examples, and for additional inquiries. The portal is an ecosystem for exchange, cooperation, and mutual success between business partners: A new form of digital business development. The more actively you use GO2automation, the greater the added value you get.
We offer a guided search, in which you select very basic criteria and send it off as a request form. We then go into a joint virtual specification of your request and specify the search parameters based on your precise project requirements. Next, we use the algorithm-based search to identify up to three system integrators that meet your expectations best. They submit offers for the project to you. You then make your own decisions and order your preferred solution. There are no costs for you. Our business model is based on a commission model that is paid by the contractors.
Every company, that is created by registering in the system goes through a commercial register check. In addition, content that the companies present on GO2automation is referenced by other market participants. For example, technology experts confirm the use of your products in the respective examples. In addition, companies have the opportunity to upload certificates and awards. These certificates also serve to prioritize the search results in the interests of the searching companies. We place great demands on the quality of the participants and their contributions.
Project reports are descriptions of successful automation solutions. These serve to inspire manufacturing companies and for quick access to state-of-the-art automation technology. System integrators have the opportunity to present the reports on their company profile. To increase the availability of particularly innovative solutions, we offer selective publications. In other words, the authors can choose which customer groups are allowed to view the reports. Accordingly, registered users see significantly more reports than users who are not logged in.
How does GO2automation earn money if registration and participation is free of charge? We generate revenue trough provision based matchmaking & so called premiums services: I. Project inquiries that are submitted through GO2automation and matched based on the algorithm are provision-based for the supplier, if an order is placed. Any other inquiry, contact, or request is abolsutely free of charge. Such free inquiries include customer requests that are generated through your company profile, project examples, or products. II. Various functions can be obtained from GO2automation as so-called premium services. This includes the presentation of products and related analytics of product references. Sounds relevant? Please use the contact form or call us (+49 89 74077569) and we explain all available options in great detail.
The GO2automation portal is operated by andugo GmbH. andugo is a startup that accelerates digitization in mechanical and plant engineering in order to sustainably expand the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies. Read more about our startup at About us.

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